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बुधवार, 23 नवंबर 2016

What to Do Connect With People Link VC Software? Rajnet VC

Download VC Software. To Download The Software Click Here
 Download Now
Step 1 After Downloading The Software
Open The Software from Downloaded Location
Step 2 : Click on Next to Begin Installation
 Step 3 : Click On Next to Accept the Agreement
  Step 4 : Click On Next to Install the Software in the current directory
 Step 5 : Click On Next to Install the Software in the Start menu location
  Step 6 : Click On Next to Choose The Location of Shortcuts to be placed
   Step 7 : Click On Install to Install the Software
 Step 7*(This Step May Occur If many software's are running in the background) : Click On Next to Install the Software. Here You can Choose to close them or not to close them.
 Installation Progress
 Step 8 Click on Finish to Start the Software Immediately
  Step 9 Choose Your User Name and Password
             For Example You Can use Block_GP it Means Nawa_Govindi . Password as per your desire
 Step 10 Click on Conference Room Login to Join The Video Conference
 Nick Name -  For Example You Can use Block_GP it Means Nawa_Govindi. Room No. This is provided by your Block.
 Step 11 Before You Join Conference Room you may need to configure Server Address : Server Address for Rajnet/RSWAN Users is : and For Other Internet Users(Like Vodafone, Airtel or Broadband Service Users) After Configuring You can go back to step 10.

Note :- For Local / Block Level VC's Organized Can Only be connected through Server Address, and this Server Address Work Only On RSWAN and Rajnet Other Users can't Join this VC Session.

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